Saturday, May 31, 2003

Transmetropolitan: Dirge, written by Warren Ellis, pencils by Darick Robertson, inked by Rodney Ramos

Spider Jerusalem Lives!

At least, for me he does. I know the regular series has finished its run, but for those yuppies like me who get their Transmet fix through the trade paperbacks (this volume, the eight, collects issues #43-48), Spider is still ranting, acting like a pig, and fighting the good fight.

(OK, I take it back. I'm not a yuppie, really I'm not.)

Callahan is still tyrant president, Spider is still fired and writing for the underground (undernet?) news organization called the Hole. Yelena and Channon still love and hate Spider in equal measure. And Spider's feud with Callahan is still coming to a head, which would be even more frustrating if not for the occassional verbal slugfest between the two. I have to admit to some impatience with the pace of the story. Spider's ailment is finally revealed, and Callahan makes a big move, but other than that not much happens in this volume. I want more.


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