Thursday, June 09, 2005

Unhealthy Fascinations, Part 744

I'm becoming entranced with the world of spam. Yahoo is pretty good about shunting all the sex and drugs into the bulk folder, but I go in there pretty regularly to sort through since things I want end up in there occassionally. I love the randomly generated names that show up in the "From" lines. Bifurcations P. Foodstuff, f'r instance. Or Infested A. Upstart. And then there are the subject lines. Not the screaming, blaring ones, like those advertising the naked horny babes, or "V!a6ra Cheep!"--those just start to run together. But I find the more subtle ones oddly endearing, in a pathetic way. Today's favorite: "Like sports and movies?" I'm imagining the lonely individual who sees that in his or her inbox and thinks, "It's like they know me!"


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