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Hear Ye, Hear Ye (Veronica Mars SPOILER Warning)

We are now caught up on all of "Veronica Mars" and I am ready to discuss. Consider this fair warning of impending references to how unfair everyone is to Logan, how much I hate Veronica's thieving alcoholic hobag of a mom, and reasons why Duncan and Veronica should not touch each other again, ever. Ew.


Blogger Abigail Nussbaum said...

By 'caught up', do you mean the first four eps of the second season as well? Because they sort of deal with at least your first point. I adore Logan as much as anyone with a pulse, but there's no denying that he's a jackass, and his own worse enemy. I agree that Duncan and Veronica are completely wrong for each other, but the early second season has shown a bit of promise for Duncan's character, if not for their relationship.

Before the second season started, I wrote a wish list of things I'd like to see on the show. Some of it has already been made irrelevant, but it still contains a lot of what I think about the show.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Yeah, we're caught up to everything that's been aired. And, yeah, I think Logan's still doing stupid things, but no one--including Veronica, from what little we saw of their relationship over the summer--has stepped up to help him deal with the loss of the three most important people in his life. (I guess this ties into #2 on your wish list.)

What surprised me so much about the first season was how the show was really about how Duncan, Logan, and Veronica were affected by Lilly's death. They were all big bundles of open nerves, still in pain, still lashing out and shutting down in equal measure. The difference was that Veronica had a parent who cared, and who was there to help her through it. That Logan is acting like a jackass isn't in the least surprising. What's surprising is that Duncan isn't acting out more.

I disagree with you about Duncan, honestly. I don't really see the promise of his character. He's gone from a broody young man with a dark secret to a bland and pouty stalker, and it drives me nuts that V. would choose to be with him. I assume that Thomas has something planned for him, but I'm finding it hard to care what it is.

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Blogger Abigail Nussbaum said...

See, I don't think Logan needs anyone to feel sorry for him or cut him breaks - I think he does that well enough on his own. What Logan needs is someone who will, for the first time in his life, make demands of him, and force him to grow up.

When he reviewed the first season DVDs for EW, Joss Whedon said something very smart about Veronica's character: that what makes her special isn't her lovability but her unlovability, a distance from the viewers that makes her seem like a real person. I think the same is true of Logan. Ideally, we'd want to cuddle him and bake him cookies, but what we see on the screen is someone we can't really like, and that distance reminds us of who he really is as opposed to who we'd like him to be.

It's true that Logan needs some sort of support, someone he can count on, but Veronica clearly isn't that person, not just because of who she is but because of the newness of the relationship and the weight of the history between her and Logan. The fact that she and Logan sizzle doesn't automatically mean that they know how to be a couple.

What Logan really needs is someone he knows and trusts - Duncan, in other words. I can't really fault Duncan for pulling away from Logan (plus, from what we saw in season 1, Duncan isn't the world's greatest friend), but he's the only person Logan feels comfortable enough with to truly rely on. For all that I enjoy Veronica/Logan, the relationship I'm really rooting for is Logan and Duncan's friendship.

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Blogger Dave said...

I didn't say anything about feeling sorry for him or cutting him breaks. Nor did I say (or think) that he and Veronica should be together, at least not right now. What I do feel is that he's been cut adrift by everyone who could help him deal with his pain and grow up. He's a kid; a raw and explosive kid, but a kid nonethless. Dealing with everything he's being asked to deal with on top of just being a teenager . . . I'm not saying he's handling it well, but I see where he's at, and I'm disappointed in the people who claim or claimed to have cared about him, because it seems like they can't be bothered. It doesn't mean it's bad TV, and as you (and Joss) say, part of the show's strength is its distance. I don't know why I care about Logan so much, except that he reminds me of a lot of kids I knew back in the day who had the brains but not the balls to be more than a cliche.

I'd like to be rooting for Duncan and Logan's friendship, because Logan does need a friend more than anything right now. (And not Dick. Yuck.) But while I think Logan has the capacity to be a friend, I'm not sure Duncan does. I haven't seen it in him yet.

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Blogger Abigail Nussbaum said...

I'm disappointed in the people who claim or claimed to have cared about him, because it seems like they can't be bothered

Who are we talking about here? Apart from Veronica and Duncan, who in Logan's life has ever claimed to care about him in any way that we've believed (in other words, Aaron and Trina don't count)?

while I think Logan has the capacity to be a friend, I'm not sure Duncan does. I haven't seen it in him yet.

Maybe that's what he needs to grow into - we already know that Duncan's flaw is his passivity.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I'm talking about Veronica and Duncan, yeah. I don't know if they have it in them to step up in the way that Logan needs--they're only kids themselves, despite Veronica being a super-sleuth--and it's complicated by the dynamics of the Lilly-Logan-Veronica-Duncan quadrangle. But I feel like they've both written him off, and it's not sitting well with me.

I think you may have a point about Duncan needing to grow into that role. He's not just passive, he's selfish; I'm curious as to whether Thomas can make me care about him.

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Anonymous shana said...

wanna win some veronica mars stuff?

12:49 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Hm. That looks like a UK contest. Also, I saw Episode 3 through (ahem) non-broadcast means, so if the hints were broadcast I think I missed them. The answer to your question, though, is Yes I want to win Veronica Mars stuff. But Charisma Carpenter went and got herself all married.

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Anonymous CJ said...

I mostly agree with your comments on Logan and Duncan. The latest strange behavior from Donut only reinforces my belief that whatever was between V and Donut seems to be squarely in the past and both of them are trying to hold onto something that isn't there anymore.

With Logan, it's all future potential. The feelings are there on both sides but he has to seriously grow the heck up and she has to get to a place where she can learn to trust him again. It's a long road, but I'm convinced they'll get there eventually. All the racy double entendres between them lately tell me that the writers know the audience wants to see them do the horizontal mambo eventually, because the chemistry is pretty smoking. Plus, Logan is just oodles of fun, even when he's being his jackassiest. Duncan is never much fun.

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