Monday, February 13, 2006

There's No Such Thing As Lover's Day

So, I was planning to post a rant about Smuggest Day and how it's for the romantically inept and really it's not just me being bitter. Really. But in all honesty I'm too damned cranky to form complete thoughts. So here are some links:

Newsflash: Some people don't like V-Day.

These people are trying way too hard. (Thanks to Haddayr for the link. Go read her story, because it's really fucking good!)

PostSecret does V-Day.

Valentines that tell the truth. Via Liz Gorinsky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

>BREAKING NEWS 14 Feb 08.00: The functionality to send a card is broken due to too many synchronous requests. We're working on a fix. Sorry!

You broke it!

(Also, heeeeee.)

- H

6:42 AM  
Blogger haddayr said...

Thanks for linking to my story! I love that the SH editors chose to publish that story on Valentine's week. It makes me like them even more.

I utterly loathe and despise V-Day, too. I dare anyone to say it's because I'm bitter. I've been married for 70 years to a guy I like lots.

11:10 AM  
Blogger Lynda Rucker said...

Ah, what a great story!

Count me as another coupled (ooh, that sounds dirty, in a clinical sort of way) not-bitter person who abhors the day. Among other things, it makes people think it's okay to say horrific schmoopy things to you such as a woman once asked me a few years back in this mincing little voice, "Do you and YOUR HUBBY have special plans for Valentine's Day?"

To which I wanted more than anything to respond, "What the fuck is a HUBBY and what can I spray myself with to keep it away from me?" but of course I couldn't because we were In The Workplace. I nearly filed for divorce then and there just so no one would ever say something like that to me again.

V-Day. Bah, humbug.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Scott Janssens said...

I'm just wondering how Valentines Day is different than any other holiday in terms of shallowness, manipulativeness, etc.

The worst thing I can say about VD is that I don't get off of work for it.

10:03 AM  

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