Saturday, October 14, 2006

Me Movie Meme

News coming Monday, but first, via Gwenda, a meme.

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool . . .

All right, grab your Gummi Bears and your giant sodas . . .

Opening Credits:
"Angel Band" - Flatt & Scruggs
I prefer the Ralph Stanley version, but this one isn't bad either. Sets sort of a somber tone, though.

O bear me away on your snowy wings to my immortal home . . .

Waking Up:
"Hold Fast to the Right" - June Carter Cash (w/Johnny)
You can hear their age on this one, but it's pretty nonetheless. Apparently I've been born into a religious-type household.

Hold fast to the right, hold fast to the right
Wherever your footsteps may roam
Forsake not the way of a salvation, my boy
That you learned from your mother at home

First Day At School:
"Plan of the Man" - The M's
My roommate Marianne played cello on a bunch of tracks on this record, but not this one. It's a cool song, sort of retro-harmonic-hipster-mod-Yellow Submarine stuff. Fairly appropriate lyrical content for the beginnings of state-sponsored indoctrination.

Falling In Love:
"Kissimmee Kid" - Old and In the Way
Vassar Clements on fiddle--you can't go wrong with that. I guess we'd be falling in love at a barndance? Instrumental, so no point looking for meaning in words.

Fight Song:
"Owensboro" - Natalie Merchant

Well, I lived in a town
Way down south
By the name of Owensboro
And I worked in a mill
With the rest of the "trash"
As we're often called
As you know

Class warfare? Lovers from opposite sides of the tracks? Alas, Mercutio!

Breaking Up:
"Cocaine Lil" - The Mekons
Ah, yes, this is the part where I choose my nose candy over true love. Stupid me.

Did you ever hear about Cocaine Lil?
She lived in Cocaine Town on a cocaine hill
She had a cocaine dog and a cocaine cat
They fought all night with the cocaine rat
She had cocaine hair on her cocaine head
She had a cocaine dress that was poppy red . . .

You get the idea.

"Shambelle" - The Police
Another instrumental. What does it mean, if I never actually went to a prom? This song has sort of an aimless feel. Maybe it means we got lost on the way. If you know what I mean. Not that I do.

Life is Good:
"Letterbox" - They Might Be Giants
There pretty much is no band that better sums up "life is good."

If I had a pair of eyes on the back of my head for each time
You forgot to take out all the things you forgot to talk about when you took a bite out of my spine,
I would have a lot of eyes on the other side, wouldn't I? Wouldn't that just be fine.

Mental Breakdown:
"Maria Elisa" - Cordero
My Spanish isn't good enough to really know what this song's about, but it sounds a little spooky and head-spanky. So, could be.

"Lost Cause" - Beck
A sad Beck song. Poor Beck! Don't be so sad. Not bad for a road trip montage, though.

Your sorry eyes, they cut through bone.
They make it hard to leave you alone.
Leave you here wearing your wounds
Waving your guns at somebody new.

"The Mary Martin Show" - The New Pornographers
And why do we need a flashback, if this is my life story? Weak storytelling! Good song, though.

With your cameras in action, with your network connections, it's go.

Getting Back Together:
"Scream Like a Baby" - David Bowie
Not my fave Bowie, I have to say. In fact if this was playing when I got back together with someone I might think it a bad omen.

"I'm So Tired" - The Beatles
Hee. Curse Sir Walter Raleigh!

Paying the Dues:
"Blitzkrieg Bop" - The Ramones
Oh yeah. Perfect.

The Night Before The War:
"Word Up" - Cameo
Ha! I downloaded this one just for the way Blackmon says "Ooow!" I dunno, maybe you had to have been there. In the '80s, I mean. Do your dance, do your dance . . .

Final Battle:
"Holy Hour" - the Cure
Not very martial. Is there such a thing as emo fighting?

I kneel and wait in silence
As one by one the people slip away
Into the night
The quiet and empty bodies
Kiss the ground before they pray
Kiss the ground
and slip away . . .

Moment of Triumph:
"Strangered In the Night" - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
This is turning out to be a very strange film. Nothing triumphant about a song about racial violence . . .

Death Scene:
"Golden Years" - David Bowie
Better Bowie, and more appropriate.

Dont let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere

Funeral Song:
"Back to Back" - The Replacements
Oddly, I like this for this use, although it's not even close to my fave 'Mats song.

We're standin' back to back
We're livin' back to back
You're holdin' back to back
And now I'm gonna hold me
Back to back to back to back to back

End Credits:
"MONSTER ROCK" - Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Amen! Nothing better than spastic rhythms, wailing horns, and unintelligible (to me, anyway) Japanese lyrics to close out an epic film.


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