Friday, June 04, 2004

All About Me

Two things. No, three. Possibly more.

One. Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet Number 14 contains my linguistic adventure story "A NOtE AbOUt thE TYpE." I recommend you buy the issue, as it contains many other stories, poems, reviews and advices not written by me but by other fine persons. I recommend that you do not read the story written by me in a moving vehicle.

Two. Say . . . why aren't we crying? contains my story "The Lethe Man." I recommend that you buy this one as well, as there are many pretty people within, even though you can't see them. They wrote stories, poems and plays, and were all forced to write about themselves in the first person in fifty words or less. All persons will enjoy these writings. Sadists will enjoy the biographies in particular.

Three. This blog should not be for talking about me. So this blog is for talking about me, when and if I feel like it. Enjoy.

Four? My sister says I look like Phil Jackson. I take exception to this.


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