Sunday, June 06, 2004


I had planned to go down to the Printer's Row Book Fair today and then shuttle over to the BEA again to bid farewell to Gavin and Kelly. But between WisCon last weekend, working on Dogtown, the two-count-'em-two weddings I have to go to next weekend, work, and school preparations--deep breath--I was getting cranky about not having time to write.

So I phoned my regrets to Gavin and did some quick administrative stuff for Dogtown--making sure I have contributor's addresses for their copies, calling Keith to update him on how things are going so far (well, I think). Keith says I should take some time to gloat over having become a Doer and not just a Talker. I'm taking a moment, but I'm already worried about funding the next issue. Hopefully we will sell at least half of what we printed.

After talking to Keith and calling the parents I headed over to Letizia's to plug in and work on "Bear in Contradicting Landscape." It's all but done now, I think. I'm happy with it but also trepidatious. It's rather long--7600 words--and the most ambitious thing I've written to date, combining metafictional ideas and anxieties about (gasp!) belief. It's one of the most personal things I've written, which also gives me the squicks. All in all I'm not sure I've got the chops to pull it off. I think I'll want to let it sit for a couple of days and then comb through it some more before letting the roommate look at it.

Started Perfect Circle last night, and I'm liking it. Quick and funny and obviously circling in towards something very dark. I talked to Keith about writing a review of it for The Wire, since Northampton is sort of local to New Hampshire. We'll see.


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