Thursday, August 19, 2004

Jets and Clouds

M. and I went to Ravinia last night to see John Prine. Despite the forecast (thunderstorms all night!) it only rained for a bit at the beginning and ends of the show. We had wine and cheese and sausage and strawberries and something called a Chocolate Bomb. Ravinia is beautiful, at least at night--many of the trees are lit from inside, creating an other-worldly effect, and the structures are either unobtrusive or have a classic River City/Music Man look about them. John Prine was great: he did "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore," "Donald and Lydia," "Angel from Montgomery," "Sam Stone," "Lake Marie," "Dear Abbey," "That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round," "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness," "The Sins of Memphisto," "Grandpa Was a Carpenter," some new stuff and some others I forget. He was funny and relaxed and probably had a couple before he went on, I'm guessing. There are worse things than lying on a blanket, listening to good music, watching the lights from jets overhead disappear into the clouds.

Speaking of jets, this weekend is apparently the Air and Water Show here in Chicago, and hence all day fighter jets were blasting overhead practicing. At first I didn't know what the hell was going on and feared the worst--that some kind of an attack had either happened or was imminent, and they were flying patrols again. Funny how that didn't make me feel safe. I think I'll pass on the show this weekend--my nerves are frayed enough.


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