Saturday, July 31, 2004

Life Support

The computer is working. (Knock on wood.) For now. It may seize up at any moment. Data retrieve, system restore, full reinstall, wail and swear and drink. Lather, rinse, repeal.*

Good things have happened in my absence from virtuality. From webmail (thank the gods for webmail) I learned that Fortean Bureau is buying "The Colossus Vignettes" and Strange Horizons is buying "The New Year's Party." Yay!

Librarian Boot Camp was draining. Exhausting. One course, ten days, one thousand pages of reading, one paper, one presentation, one exam. No writing of the fiction, very little outside reading. Did finish John Toland's In Mortal Combat, his account of the Korean "Conflict," which did that thing where you realize you knew nearly nothing about the thing you're reading about. More on that in the other blog, when I catch up.

Leaving now, for the Newberry's annual book sale. Last year I found a set of obscure reference books that I've had yet to use but which I'm sure will come in handy someday.

No links, sorry. Too much hard-drive wrestling to do HTML.

*Repeal just feels right. So there.


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