Tuesday, July 06, 2004

On Selling Textbooks

Rejection from GvG for "Screen." Took nearly six weeks, actually, and he says nice (if extremely general) things. Ah well. Not sure where to place that one next.

I'm reading my required textbook for the summer course, which is paperback, about 180 pages, and cost sixty bucks. Man, am I writing the wrong sorts of books.

I have determined that writing is going to be hit-or-miss at least until class actually starts. I'm as stressed about not writing as I am about not being prepared, because for me, Not Writing = Anxiety. So I am planning to mix two ounces of School Stress with two of Writing Anxiety in a cocktail shaker, add a dash of Continual Headache of Scraping By Financially, pour into a nervous glass, throw back and chase with the Lemon Wedge of Whining in Public. (You can find the full recipe in the Neurotic Bartender's Guide, with variants including Parental Issues, First-World Problems and all the various flavors of Sexual Guilt.)

I am having a lot of thoughts about politics and libraries and the internet and, well, baseball, but I am realizing that I am not good at Thinking Out Loud. There are people out there in BlogLand who write wonderful idea posts (and there are some who write idea posts that are not so wonderful), but I am probably not going to write a lot of posts like that. Most of my Big Ideas show up in my fiction. Which makes it all the more tragic for the world that I have so many stories as yet unsold. (Dramatic sigh, accompanied by grandly self-pitying hand gesture.)


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