Thursday, June 10, 2004


Submitted "The Colossus Vignettes" to Fortean Bureau today. That makes seven stories out, plus the novel manuscript at the agent's. Waiting. Writing is so very zen.

Marianne read "Bear in Contradicting Landscape" last night. She had a couple of concerns, which we discussed, and I did a bit of editing. Overall, she allayed many of my worries. One worry that remains is that of markets for it. It clocks in at about 7700 words, for one thing. For another, it is not really genre, but has one significantly weird element which I think will turn off many mainstream markets. So, I'm looking for suggestions. Has anyone reading this every submitted to McSweeney's? I didn't find their guidelines particularly helpful. It's too long for Zoetrope, and I've already got a submission at The New Yorker. Does 3rd Bed have an upper word limit? Does anyone have experience with One Story?

Thanks for any help y'all can offer . . .


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