Thursday, July 01, 2004

Lacking Direction

Can't seem to work on anything consistently. Right now I have, I don't know, let's count them, shall we? The Battle of the Bulge/Ragnarok story, the Devil's Baseball Team story, the Bending Parlor story and the Love Spell story all needing finishing, and "Breaking Glass," "Flash Bison" and the 9/11 novel all wanting revision.

I can't concentrate on any of them, mainly because I keep thinking about school, and the reading, and the fact that I haven't done most of the reading. I've finished most of the first text, Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig; it's about intellectual property, copyrights and how the Internet is being used by Big Media to change them both. Fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

On the positive tip, Marianne gave me the Buffy Season Six DVDs, 'cause she knows I've been too broke to spend the cash. Yay! It's not the best season, no--that honor goes to Season 3, IMNSHO--but it's got a few great episodes and some great extras, and, well, I'm a completist. Oh, and, I got my contract and check from Strange Horizons. Woo-hoo! Daddy can pay his credit card bill!

That's it for now. Daddy must type up his critique for tonight's meeting.


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