Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Delirium (Not the Funny Comic Book Girl)

Hot here. May melt before entry finished.

Saw Gavin, Geoffrey Godwin and Liisa Ladouceur last night at the Chicago stop of the Perpetual Motion Roadshow. Great stuff. Gavin read "Fructify My Orange Suit," which I've heard him do before but which I love so I didn't mind. A short film by some fellow in Antarctica was shown, which told the story of Robert Scott's ill-fated expedition to the South Pole. The film was extremely weird and delight-filled. Liisa read "sign poems," consisting of words found on signs in locations specific to the poem. They were interesting. And Geoff Godwin blew my mind with a story with a title I don't recall the name of (dammit) but which was wonderfully weird. (If it's W's, is it assonance or alliteration?) I saw Trey, Lisa and Roger at the reading, and met Andy Hatch as well. All in all, a fine evening, even to the bike ride home.

Today is hot. Did I mention that?

Rejection today from Ideomancer for "A Whole Man"--RT 2 1/2 months, apparently an editorial change resulted in the story being misplaced until I queried. Queries are your friend! The editor is encouraging but feels the story needs tightening. I appreciate the feedback, and I usually do listen to editors, but in this case I really think it's a strong story. So, I am sending it out again, this time to F&SF, since it hasn't been rejected there yet. Also sending "Screen" to Ideomancer, since their rejections have been encouraging.

Today is packing, and tomorrow afternoon is leaving. I don't know how much blogging I'll be doing at Librarian Boot Camp. Which includes the Reading Journal, which some may have noticed has not been updated Every Day as a certain crazy person proposed. Ha! Crazy person, you funny. Me too.

Did I mention it's hot?


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