Tuesday, December 14, 2004

D-U-N Done

Semester 1 (maybe 1.5) of the Master's program is over. Wow. Or possibly Whew.

Jumping back into school full time after six years was a bit foolhardy, but it seems to have worked out all right. I won't know for sure until I get my grades, of course. I've learned a lot though, not least, what I want to do with the degree. I've always figured I'd end up working in a public library, and that picture hasn't changed. But I know now that I'd like to work with kids. Not so much the little kids, though I have nothing against them, but more with the teenagers. I'd really love to be able to work in (or run) a great YA program that gives teens a place to feel welcome and to get excited about books and learning and all that stuff. I know, I sound horribly idealistic. I'll be happy if they feel welcome, but the rest of it would be a goal. I'm really psyched by all the technological approaches to librarianship I've been learning about, too, and the possibilities for programming, and fighting conservative parents on really cool books . . . well, OK, not so psyched about the fighting. And, really, sometimes you have to put the community's desires above your own opinions. That's going to be tough. But I'm really excited by all this. Next semester I'm taking the YA Lit course, and an independent study on reviewing, as well as Reference. I'm looking forward to it; but not as much as I'm looking forward to a month-long break.


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