Thursday, March 03, 2005

Five Lines:

1. "I'm a bit lonely these days." - Herman Blume, Rushmore

2. "If we're not back in an hour, call the president." - Jack Burton, Big Trouble in Little China

3. "She's my sister. My daughter. My sister. My daughter. My sister. My daughter." (etc., etc.) - Evelyn Mulwray, Chinatown

4. "Don't get cocky, kid." - Han Solo, Star Wars

5. "I'll show you the life of the mind!" - Charlie Meadows, Barton Fink


Anonymous DavidS said...

Heh. #5 is practically my mantra.

You just know that was the main inspiration for the Hyperion set on Angel.

But what, no Bull Durham? Surely you've got a place in your heart for: "The rose goes in the front, big guy."

4:07 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Those were the first five that came to mind. If it was a favorite quotes meme, I think one or two of those would have to change . . .

My fave Bull Durham quote is probably the shower speech. "This is a simple game. You hit the ball, you throw the ball, you catch the ball."

5:30 PM  

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