Sunday, June 04, 2006

Son of Announcements

Back from the north country. It was a tough weekend, but more on that later. But I have good news to report. Firstly, it appears that "The Water Poet and the Four Seasons" has made Rich Horton's list of recommended fiction in the latest Locus! This is a first for me. I haven't seen the issue yet, but Celia gave me the heads-up. Yay!

Secondly, Mr. Tim Pratt tells me that he's taking my story "Grandma Charlie and the Wolves" for the next issue (#6) of Flytrap, the 'zine which he and Heather Shaw co-/tag-team edit. It should be mentioned that the current issue (#5) contains stories by my homies Haddayr, Meghan, Barth, Chris. Yay!

Incidentally, Heather Shaw has a lovely story called "Mountain, Man" in the new Rabid Transit volume, Long Voyages, Great Lies, in which my story "Shackles" also appears; the issue debuted at WisCon. There are great (seriously, I read them all and they're great) stories by the Ignitrix herself, destruction-hungry Alice Kim, the genteel F. Brett Cox and batmaster Geoffrey Goodwin. Watch these spaces for ordering information. Yay!

Another publication that appeared at WisCon is Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #18, which contains my story "Play" as well as many other fine fictions, poemtions, and reviewtions, as well as a handy mileage guide. I haven't read the entire issue yet, but so far I'm very much enjoying it, especially the piece by Stephanie Parent. LCRW is 18! Yay!

Last but not least, the gorgeous anthology Twenty Epics is eager to spring into your appreciative hands; an advance copy accompanied me around the convention over Memorial Day. I managed to plow through several of the stories before I had to give it back, and I have to tell you that none of them were good. They were all fantastic. I'm so very happy to be in this anthology, and mad props to Mr. Moles and Ms. Groppi for pulling it all together. Yay!

More later, on the roller-coaster that has been the past two weeks . . .


Anonymous shana said...

loving that issue of Rabid Transit. i've skipped around, but "mountain, man" was stupendous, and that bat story was great, totally creepy! a nice bookend to Alice's beginning.

8:54 PM  

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