Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Gemini Society

The Gemini Society
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"At the intersection of Victoria Avenue and South Garden Street, in the heart of Little Uganda, stands the Southwestern branch of the Gemini Society (AKA the Sorcerer's Benevolent Society, AKA the Urban Magical Defense League). Since 1947 this branch has been headed by the hydromancer Gwandoya Kyoga. Kyoga is known to some as 'Old Waterballs' due to his penchant for levitating globes of water from the lake (complete with fish and, on one occassion, a frightened swimmer), and floating them above the city streets like so many bubbles before letting them splash into the pond in nearby Entebbe Park. . . . The Geminis, particularly since the Banishing, have styled themselves as an unofficial complement to the city's police force. Although their efforts have benefited the city on more than one occasion, the municipal authorities have never been sanguine with their relationship. It was this tension which led Mayor Faldbakken III to rather infamously label them 'magilantes' after the upheaval of the May Day Earthquake (see p.574-9) . . . Kyoga had a long-standing feud with Walter Wenstrup which only ended with the latter's disappearance. Many of Kyoga's followers believed that the hydromancer would succeed Wenstrup in his mystical post, a faith which has only been partly shaken by the failure of a new Sorcerer Supreme to materialize. . . . Membership in the Gemini Society is by invitation only, and only in recent years have women been invited to join--chief among those is Wen Ming, the floramancer credited with finally solving the city's food shortage problems." (p.107)


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