Friday, August 27, 2004


Not many updates this week. A recap:

Took Tuesday off, went to the free day at the Art Institute. Went to see my buddies Ganesha and Horus and the rest, then wandered through the second floor galleries and found a bunch of surrealist stuff I didn't know was there. Got so hepped up I had to buy a book on Surrealism, because the only thing I've ever really read on it was Arcanum 17, and I can't really claim to have understood it. I don't know that I have a true surrealist sensibility in my work -- maybe something near to the early years of the movement -- but it definitely speaks to me, more than any other sort of art.

What else? Ah, yes: Tangent just put up a review of LCRW #14, but didn't review "A NOtE AbOUt thE TYpE," darn it. Sigh. I don't know if the reviewer just didn't realize the jumble of letters in the back was actually a story, or if he just didn't feel like slogging through it. (I could understand the latter, by the way. Which is not to say I'm not proud of the story: but I knew when I wrote it that not everyone was going to love it. It's a bit of a challenge to read -- worth it, in my not so humble opinion, but a challenge.)

Saw Hero tonight, and . . . wow. Gorgeous, and weird, and really cool. Much as I love kung fu, I was hoping for more than just Fighty McFighterson, and I got it. Maggie Cheung, yes, and damn it's hard to believe that this was the same woman pouting at Jackie Chan throughout Police Story 2. (Yes, the site is in French. Sorry, I mean Freedom.) Tony Leung, also yes. Daoming Chen, who? and also yes. Jet Li . . . stoic. Maybe. And Zhang Ziyi (in Chinese, but hey, it's official!), yes, and really damned beautiful, and welcome to kick my ass anytime.

Little rant. I know this makes me a bad liberal, and I am a liberal, so go right ahead and call me one. I can take it. I'm reclaiming the epithet. Look at me -- I spread mustard liberally on my sandwiches. I apply shaving cream liberally. I'm for liberation, generally. I'm like Dan Savage, with that one word that I'm uncomfortable using, where he asks people to call him that name, and, um, you know. So call me a liberal. Now I don't remember what I was getting at. Oh, yes.

I'm so tired of all these Move On emails that I can't even tell you. I know the election is important, and I'm all for activism, but do I really need three emails a day asking me to sign, donate, and get pissed? No. I really don't. I'm over my limit. Yeah, I suppose I could unsubscribe, but I really do think it's a good organization. But, can't they just take a tiny break? Take a few days off, then go to one missive per twenty-four hours. Max. Please.

Um. More? No. Tired. Kilborn is leaving, and good riddance. Maureen Dowd on Letterman, this is good.


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