Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Oye Como Va

Fair warning; for as long as the Twins are still in the hunt, I'm going to be talking about them here.

Game One: Santana didn't have his best stuff, but enough to make more than one Yankee look foolish. The defense is what won the game: my man Torii made two spectacular plays, and the infield turned five, count 'em, five DPs, which ties a postseason record which has stood since, oh, 1914. The Yanks didn't even threaten, really. I'd almost like to see the series go to four games, because I'd love to see them face Santana when he's on. But it'd be much better to finish this one in three, and get ready for the BoSox, their most likely opponents. I hope it will be Boston, considering all the emotional history with Mientkewicz and Ortiz. After Boston? My guess would be the Cardinals; a rematch of the '87 series. Maybe lightning will strike again.


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