Wednesday, September 29, 2004

George Lucas is Being Controlled by His Goiter

Seriously, have you seen that thing? I mean, maybe it's not a goiter. Maybe it's just fat. Either way, I think the correct attitude to take is Kill it! Kill it!

Which is how I feel about the Star Wars franchise at this point. I'm not going to list the reasons, cause y'all can pretty much fill in the blanks. I mean _______! And then there's ______, not to mention _______.

Which makes this (linked through AICN via Whedonesque) all the more groan-worthy. Even if I never watch it, I will see promos, and if it's a hit people will talk about it, and I just would really rather pretend that the whole thing never happened. The movies, the action figures, the Christmas special, everything. But George won't let me move on. He's like an ex who sends you periodic updates on what he's been up to, what philosophy-lite he's been culling from, what sub-par people he's been working with since he dumped your ass for a bunch of idiots who will reassure him that racist alien stereotypes are cool again. Even though I haven't spoken to him since that midnight showing back in '99, I still have to hear about him all the time. I have to hear people telling me he hasn't really changed all that much, that he has a vision, that watching Yoda fight was really damn cool. That's great. Have fun with it. Feed the goiter. Me, I'm done. Now shut up about it and let me wish for a DVD of the original films that hasn't been bastardized.


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