Monday, September 06, 2004

Transcript of an Exchange Between Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse, as Recorded in Graphical Form by One G. Herriman, January 10, 1932

(Ignatz Mouse descovirs Krazy Kat n-scribing summat 'pon a parchment.)

IM: Writing?
KK: Yetz--I are
IM: To whom?
KK: To myself
IM: What can you be writing to yourself?
KK: I dun't know--
IM: How can you write to yourself, and not know what you are writing?
KK: Because, I'm writing a "sickrit" to myself--
IM: But it can't be a "secret"--silly--
KK: It soitinly can be "Dahlink"
KK: I'm writing it in a forrin lenguage--
IM: What foreign language?
KK: I dun't know yet--
IM: Well, when will you know?
KK: When I get an ensa--
IM: And who will write the "answer"
KK: Me.
IM: Ah-h. And you'll write it in a "language" you can understand, heh?
KK: If coarse not--li'l yimp--
IM: But how will you know what the answer is?
KK: I wun't know--y'see the ensa is also a "sickrit"


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