Friday, March 25, 2005

Strange Funds and Encouraging Rejections

The lovely and talented people at Strange Horizons are in the midst of their Spring Fund Drive. Please support them if you can. They publish great stories and features (check out Deborah Coates' wonderful short this week, and Gavin Grant's instructions on starting a small press, and James Schellenburg's article on Hayao Miyazaki, and . . . just go there, already), and they are all volunteers, and they pay the writers. I'm not spouting hyperbole when I say that I think Strange Horizons is one of the most important genre publications in existence right now. So give them money.

Other news . . . most of the rejections I'm getting lately are of the "This is good and keep sending us stuff but this one isn't quite right" variety. I used to think this was editor code for "You suck, but not quite as bad as the other schlubs in the slush pile and I'm feeling charitable so here's a bone." But I've come to believe it. Some stories just aren't right for some markets, and only the editor knows which ones they are. It's tough, though, because I don't write with markets in mind, so I end up with stories that get glowing rejections because they don't fit anywhere. Hm. This is just a bitchy rant, isn't it? Yup, better stop it now.


Blogger Karen said...

It's a frustrating rejection to get but chances are it means exactly what it says. I know we've got a bunch of authors in that category where whenever we get a story from them we think "Oh goodie, we really like their work, maybe this story will be the one that rings all our bells." And if it doesn't, we just think "okay, this one doesn't do it for us but maybe the next one." Enjoy the glowing rejections if you can, and have faith that the editors are sending them with genuine respect for your work and in hopes that you'll keep sending things until one fits.

7:35 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

My point got muddied some by my grumping, but that's actually what I was trying to say. I understand better with every submission that it's as much about finding the right fit as it is writing a good story.

11:56 AM  

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