Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mots de Jarmusch

Just because I like 'em, some quotes from Jim Jarmusch, the genius behind Down By Law (a film in which Roberto Benigni does not annoy the crap out of me), Mystery Train (which has appearances by Joe Strummer, Rockets Redglare AND Screamin' Jay Hawkins, how could you go wrong?), Dead Man (a personal fave, and a must for all William Blake fans), Ghost Dog (it's like the Hagakure for the modern urban dweller!), and I'm not going to type all the films here so just go look at the filmography and put them all on your Netflix list. His new film, Broken Flowers, opens on Friday the 12th.

Jarmusch is interviewed in the latest Time Out (at least the Chicago edition), and he said a couple of things about stories as answers that I really liked:

There are many things in the movie to overanalyze, but no answer to them.

. . .

I don't want to make a film where [the character] learns moral lessons and then he's free. At the end of the film [he] doesn't have the satisfaction of a resolution. . . . Life is mysterious, things aren't always answerable, and love is the most valuable thing but also the most fragile. That is my religion.


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