Friday, September 09, 2005

A Day Late

You can still celebrate Hannah Wolf Bowen's holy-mother-of-god-how-can-someone-that-young-be-that-talented birthday by reading some of her fiction online. Like this one, which was recently uncovered in a lonely swamp, or that one over there, which has a horn, or the one that flies, or the one that canters, or the one with the bear, or the one that runs on tracks.

Then you can go bug her about updating her bibliography.

Happy birthday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

::dance:: Thanks!

(I actually can't update that bibliography, if it's the bibliography I think you mean. Working on changing sites altogether, though, for values of 'working on' that include 'thinking but not doing anything about.' Lo, I am a sluggard.)

- H

8:05 PM  

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