Thursday, January 12, 2006

Norway News

The Norwegians plan to spend $3 million to build a seed vault near the North Pole. (via Bear) Really, that's not a lot of money for something as important as this. My fave quote from the article: "It will not be permanently manned, but 'the mountains are patrolled by polar bears,' says Fowler."

Japan's emperor wrote a poem about his visit to Norway last year. Could we have an emperor here, if their only duty was to write poems? If only Dorothy Parker was still alive. Empress Dorothy. Hell yeah.

Honestly? I like Garrison Keillor, at least, on the radio I do. But I don't know what the hell he's talking about.

Talk about social engineering; within two years 40 percent of the board members of Norway's large, publicly traded private companies must be women. (No plans for sexual reassignment surgery that I'm aware of, at least not so far.) The boys in the boardroom are not very happy about this.

Not Norwegian news--although some of the work was reprinted in a Norwegian Christian publication--but Muslims in Europe are incensed over some cartoons recently commissioned by and published in a Danish newspaper. This page has the cartoons in question.


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I was very excited about this project, and the polar bears.

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