Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I ♥ George Galloway

This video is why.

Galloway is responding, apparently, to a question from Senator Norm Coleman. Senator Coleman, you may know, was once the mayor of St. Paul, where I grew up. A Democratic mayor, no less. Then he switched parties (he was, incidentally, banned from my then-workplace as a result) and ran for Senator against the late Paul Wellstone. He ran a dirty-as-hell campaign, and after Wellstone was killed in a plane crash he managed to win the Senatorial race. Ever since he's served as something of an attack dog for the higher-ups in the party, frothing at the mouth with ungrounded accusations and inflammatory and misleading remarks. He makes me want to fling epithets, and the fact that I have managed myself from swearing in this entry is a testament to my superhuman restraint. So it's incredibly satisfying to see him get a bit of comeuppance. Norm, you're an ass.


P.S. Greg Saunders has more at Tom Tomorrow's blog.


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