Monday, May 16, 2005

Karen Joy Fowler Book Club

Working downtown has its advantages. I was able to duck out of here for lunch and walk four blocks to the Border's on State Street, where the lovely and talented Karen Joy Fowler appeared to publicize the paperback version of her wonderful-and-if-you-haven't-read-it-you-need-to-get-on-that-buster* book The Jane Austen Book Club. I was able to chat with Karen for a couple of minutes, trading good news and a bit of bad--she won't be at WisCon this year due to other commitments. Shame, that. Karen sat and chatted with a small group of us about Goldie Hawn, book clubs, blurbs, Jane Austen, and the hidden perks of being a best-seller. Karen is touring for a few more weeks, so check the calendar and see if she's going to be in your area. It'll be time well spent.

*It's in paperback now. You have no excuse.


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