Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jinx and the Social Contract

Based upon my Sitemeter data, one of the things that my blog gets the most hits for is the seemingly innocuous Jinx post. In fact "Jinx buy me a coke" is probably the number one search string that brings people there. (Second, of course, is "calculator bondage.")

Last night Evan, age 13, posted a comment on the Jinx post, saying in part (I hope he won't mind me highlighting his question here):

"Hey what if someone doesnt obey the whone jinx thing?"

I thought the question was interesting enough to respond to a bit more publicly. My response:

"Well, Evan, the thing about "Jinx" is that it is a magic spell of sorts, but one that only works if the social contract is kept. It's possible for a person to just keep right on talking after a "Jinx," but doing so creates a separation, however temporary, between the modes of accepted interaction and the individual who transgresses against them. In other words, those who don't respect the rules of "Jinx" are to be feared and ostracized."

Any other thoughts on the niceties of "Jinx"?


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