Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Got Blisters On My Fingers!

Because I seem to have very little mental energy for blogging lately, here's one of those whatchamacallems. At this point I'm not really sure where I got it from, to be honest. Also, I mucked with the artists since a few of them on the original list I really, really didn't care about.

1. Favorite Beatles song: "Helter Skelter"
2. Favorite Rolling Stones song: "Start Me Up"
3. Favorite Beck song: "Hollywood Freaks"
4. Favorite Bob Dylan song: "Highway 61 Revisited"
5. Favorite Wilco song: "Spiders (Kidsmoke)"
6. TV Theme Song: The Dandy Warhols, "We Used to Be Friends (Theme from 'Veronica Mars')"
7. Favorite Prince Song: "Starfish and Coffee"
8. Favorite Aimee Mann Song: "Driving Sideways"
9. Favorite Michael Jackson Song: "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"
10. Favorite Stevie Wonder Song: "Boogie On, Reggae Woman"
11. Favorite Metallica Song: "Unforgiven"
12. Favorite Black Sabbath Song: "Fairies Wear Boots"
13. Favorite Public Enemy Song: "Fight the Power" (the soundtrack version from "Do Missythe Right Thing")
14. Favorite Tom Petty Song: "Breakdown" (the live version, from Damn the Torpedoes)
15. Favorite Bruce Springsteen song: "My City of Ruin" (live version, off America: A Tribute to Heroes. Kills me)
16. Favorite Talking Heads song: "Don't Worry About the Government"
17. Favorite Cure song: "Why Can't I Be You?"
18. Favorite song that most of your friends haven't heard: "The Way of the Weak" by the Mendoza Line
19. Favorite Replacements song: "Bastards of Young"
20. Favorite Beastie Boys song: "Hey Ladies"
21. Favorite Clash song: "Death or Glory"
22. Favorite Police song: "Next to You"
23. Favorite Eurythmics song: "In This Town"
24. Favorite Beach Boys song: "God Only Knows"
25. Favorite Sly & the Family Stone song: "Dance to the Music"
26. Favorite song from a movie: "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" from "Pillow Talk" (except I'm cheating and choosing the version by Anna Fermin and the Trigger Gospel and not the original by Doris Day)
27. Favorite Duran Duran song: "Is There Something I Should Know"
28. Favorite R.E.M. song: "Superman"
29. Favorite Johnny Cash song: "I Never Picked Cotton"
30. Favorite song from an 80's one hit wonder: "True" by Spandau Ballet (they were a one-hit wonder over here, anyway)
31. Favorite song from a video game: Jason Cox AKA XOC covering ALL the music from "Super Mario World" with live instruments
32. Favorite Kinks song: "Something Better Beginning"
33. Favorite David Bowie song: "Oh, You Pretty Things"
34. Favorite Tom Waits song: "Tabletop Joe"
35. Favorite Loretta Lynn song: "Don't Come Home a-Drinking With Loving on Your Mind"
36. Favorite New Pornographers song: "All for Swinging You Around"
37. Favorite Peter Gabriel song: "I Have the Touch"
38. Favorite John Lennon song: "Working Class Hero"
39. Favorite Midnight Oil song: "One Country"
40. Favorite cover song: Cher's "Believe" as done by Robbie Fulks
41. Favorite White Stripes: "Little Room"
42. Favorite dance song: "Random" by Lady Sovereign
43. Favorite U2 song: "Stories for Boys"
44. Favorite song from an actor turned musician: "Mr. Cellophane," John C. Reilly (the only good thing about the awful "Chicago" movie--well, that and all the legs)
45. Favorite disco song: "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc.
46. Favorite Power Ballad: "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Alan Deniro
47. Favorite Guns N' Roses song: "Paradise City"
48. Favorite The Who song: "Baba O'Riley"
49. Favorite Elton John song: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
50. Favorite song, period: Nuh-uh. Not playing that game.


Blogger Hayden Childs said...

Hey, did I turn you on to the Mendoza Line? Also, what did you fiddle with?

4:39 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Yeah, you totally did. I don't remember what the song was, but it was on one of the mixes you sent me a few years back.

As to what I fiddled with--I added Beck, Wilco, Aimee Mann, Stevie Wonder, Metallica, Tom Petty, the 'Mats, the Police, Sly & the Family Stone, R.E.M., Bowie, Waits, Loretta Lynn, the New Pornographers, Midnight Oil and maybe one or two others. (At this point I forget.) There were a lot of pretty irrelevant/personally distasteful artists from the late '70s/early '80s on there. Although in retrospect, I should have at least added the Ramones in there.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Hayden Childs said...


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