Wednesday, January 10, 2007

She Worked at Red Lobster but I Didn't Remember

If you love Grover, you should watch this video of his greatest rival delirious with pain. Hilarious, but not safe for those without a tiny bit of the sadist in them. (Via BoingBoing.)

Gingerbread Bergen. While you're on Flickr, check out this elephant migration.

David Moles has some thoughts on characterization.

Apparently I'm just not that much of a gadget geek. Or maybe my standards are too high? I mean, that iPhone is pretty, but until they have a model that holds 80GB of music and doesn't require me to switch to Cingular, no thanks.

Ashleigh Banfield is coming back to TV. Must. Find. Court TV.*

Strange Horizons has a podcast? Just put this address ( into your iTunes, and listen to the sweet dulcet tones of Susan Marie Groppi as she updates you on all sorts of things. Coooool.

Bruce Campbell RULES. Now I have to start wearing Old Spice.

*Occassionally I am shallow. Live with it.


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