Thursday, September 29, 2005

News Dump - International Edition

Because the multiple browser windows are threatening to overload my work computer.

Kenya is getting set to vote on its first new constitution since independence, and over the past few months there have been a series of violent clashes between opposition groups. Chances are it's going to get worse.

Somali pirates are making sea trade to the country very difficult. Can we even call Somalia a country right now, when it has "no recognized central government authority, no national currency, nor any other feature associated with an established nation state" (according to Wikipedia)?

The order to expel Iraqi Kurd and alleged terrorist Mullah Krekar from Norway has been upheld by the Oslo City Court.

The Kenyan Wildlife Service's elephant relocation program has been suspended for three months to avoid bad weather. 150 of 400 elephants have been moved so far, and five have died. (Dammit.)

Maybe the American Dream is still around.

Danish Air Force scares Rudolph to death, compensates Santa.

Also? I saw Rasputin at the grocery store last night. He was buying Kosher franks.


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