Thursday, November 09, 2006

Everybody Move Your Feet and Feel United (Whoa Oh Oh)

Do you remember "The Adventures of Pete and Pete"? It was the greatest show ever on Nickelodeon; they had Steve Buscemi, they had Iggy Pop, they had a weird neighborhood superhero named Artie, they had a guerilla storytelling sensibility. They had Luscious Jackson and Poi Dog Pondering; they had The Magnetic Fields before you ever heard of them. (See!) Go here to read a recent article about the show from Filter magazine. The show's out on DVD now. Maybe when that book money comes . . .

Evidence of my growing fame: in the second photo down on this page you can see the back of my bald head. Right next to the back of Gavin's head. I'm so overexposed!

I find myself needing to learn about salt mining. Anyone ever been to, say, Khewra in Pakistan, or Wieliczka in Poland, or Salzkammergut in Austria? What about Sl?nic, Romania? Avery Island? Help. (Also, once you're done with that you can tell me all about royal hunting parties.)

Today's Discussion Question: Was Robin Hood a pirate? Assuming, y'know, that he was on water or something. Please write legibly.


Anonymous Pete said...

The regular music on "Pete & Pete" was by the wonderful Mark Mulcahy of the equally wonderful Miracle Legion.

10:40 AM  

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