Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Post-WFC/Election Day Edition

Warren Ellis sums up voting. It does kind of feel like that sometimes, doesn't it? Even so. Go do it. And keep an eye out. If the electronic polling thingy laughs maniacally after you exit the booth, tell someone.

This weekend was WFC, and I am not yet recovered. A few years back I spent a couple of summer weeks in Bergen, Norway, when the sun only went down for a few hours a night. I was chock full of solar energy and I didn't see much need to sleep. Cons are like that, down to the coming home and falling into an OMG-I-can't-believe-I-haven't-SLEPT coma. What that means, see, is that y'all are the sun.

I met new people, got to know others better, and got some quality time with "old" friends. (It's bizarre to me that I've known most of these people for three years or less.) If you were there, I miss you already; if you weren't, I miss you still.

There are many names I could mention, and if I were a better person I would, but one individual had, without any doubt, the largest impact on my weekend. I'm speaking, of course, of the angry goose who chased me around the pond behind the hotel on Thursday morning. Well played, Sir. Until we meet again!

I have pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I got my hands on a whole mess o' books (I brought the big suitcase this time), including Polyphony 6 (which contains my slacker-who-talks-to-dead-presidents story "Manifest Destiny") and Flytrap 6 (which contains my rock-star-terrified-of-success-gets-some-homemade-rehab story "Grandma Charlie and the Wolves"). Check them out.

Now I am back at the office. Lame!


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