Monday, November 13, 2006

Yo, Scarecrow, Want a Smoke?

Things that bug me: people who blow their smoke at me. I love smokers as I love all god's creatures, but WTF? Plus it seems like a lot more people are smoking in the mornings. I like my mornings. I like to go and get tea and breakfast and take the leisurely train ride/walk to work. I don't like standing at an intersection waiting for a Walk light while the guy next to me is exhaling cancer at me. Grumble. I suppose I should be grateful I'm no longer bartending. The worst was when a pack of lawyers--it was always lawyers--would buy up a few of the ratty old cigars we had and light up. Thanks, guys. Why not just SET MY NOSTRIL HAIRS ON FIRE while you're at it.

Things that are good: I watched "The Wizard of Oz" over the weekend, 'cause TBS ran it like eight times. (I also read "The Baum Plan for Financial Independence" last night. Also good.) I only watched it 2 1/2 times. Well, 1 and 2/2. I saw chunks of it, is what I'm saying. I guess it's been a while, because I'd forgotten all about the Professor Marvel bit in the beginning, and the little sketches of the farmhands that foreshadow their turns as the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion. Speaking of, holy crap does Ray Bolger commit to being the Scarecrow. I wonder how many times he hurt himself on set throwing himself around like that. That is awesome. WIZARD OF OZ QUIZ: Which is creepier, the Lullaby League or the Lollipop Guild? When I was little I'd have said Lollipop Guild, because their voices were scary, but now I'm thinking the Lullaby League is just eerie and wrong. My personal fave Munchkin is the dude who pops out of the manhole with the stogie in his mouth when Glinda the Smug Witch tells them all that it's safe because the Wicked Witch with the oddly bending legs is dead. He's all like, "Thank god the fascist dictator is gone so I can smoke out in the open again." (Yes, we have come full circle. I contradict myself. I oughta write a poem.) I'm guessing that he probably crawled back in the manhole when the singing and dancing got all out of hand, though.


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