Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I know that there are terrible things going on in the world . . .

. . . and of course if you only have a little money to donate, you should give it to hurricane relief (for the victims of Stan as well) or earthquake relief or some kind of pain reliever for this elephant of a headache we've all got. (Overly coy political metaphor paired with pachyderm obsession -- check.) But if you have more than a little bit of money to donate, you should give some to Strange Horizons.

October is SH's Fall Fund Drive. They publish fiction by people like Hal Duncan, David Moles, Theodora Goss, Mark Rich, Doug Lain and many more names than I can list here. Fiction that's been nominated and reprinted all over the place. They publish poetry. Boy, do they publish poetry! They are certainly the best market for Speculative Poetry, and one of the best for poetry, period. They publish artist portfolios and serializations of comic art. Their revamped review section is on top of what's happening in all corners of the genre. And they bring it all to you free.

What's greater than all of that, from the creator's side of things, is that they pay professional rates. In other words, all of the above costs money. So please, donate via either Network for Good or PayPal. They deserve it.


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