Thursday, December 15, 2005

Suddenly, a Sale!

Mr. Hartman has just written to let me know that Strange Horizons is buying my story "The Water-Poet and the Four Seasons"! Yippee!

I Sit On the Couch, It Seems to Breathe

Newslinks, some fresh, some stale:

Check out this article about Sean Stewart, "lanky father of two with an intense, steady stare."

Zimbabwe: Crocs 13, Elephants 12.

In North Bengal it's worse; 50 people a year are killed in man-elephant conflicts. GPS tracking is being used to anticipate elephant migration, and hopefully warn of attacks.

After last year's tsunami, the Sri Lankan government began a huge community reconstruction project. Unfortunately for both the animals and the new homeowners, some of those houses were built in elephant territory.

A while ago I blogged about the Chicago City Council's motion to mandate for a minimum space requirement for elephants within the city, which is still pending; now Los Angeles is dealing with the same problem.

In Kenya, President Kwai Mibaki's leadership is being called into question following the rocky formation of his new cabinet.

(Speaking of Kenya, this is just as catchy as Magical Trevor.)

Finally, "Arrested Development" might not be dead after all. Hope hope hope hope.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Much To-Do About Nothing

Or, a brief digression while the rest of the specficblogosphere continues picking teams for the Fantasy vs. SF dodgeball tournament. (Benford's team gets Phil Dick? Seriously? Mind the snark, Greg.) I find these sorts of debates exhausting--and I'm not even participating!

Know what else is exhausting? School. Which makes it really nice that I'm DONE!! At least, for a month or so. Also, feeling better, thanks to the End of Stress and herbal advice from kind friends. This means less stress, but not less to do. Which is why I'm making the list:

1. Revisions on Superpowers as requested by Superagent Shana.
2. Revisions on "Shackles" in preparation for submission to the MiceJerks. (I am speaking in code! How clever I am!)
3. A look at "Manifest Destiny" for possible/probable submission to Polyphony.
4. New installments on three-count-'em-three tag-team collaborations which I have left languishing.
5. Finish new story about Oma Dortchen and the flock of wild ethnographers.
6. Work on other stories which want revising and send out all other stories which have bounced in recent weeks.
7. Read War and Peace. (Yes, I'm serious.)
8. Spread peace and goodwill over entire planet/universe.
9. Blog at you all more often.
10. I can't tell you.