Saturday, January 13, 2007


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Took this one while killing time between movies downtown. It turned out pretty well, I think.

This One's for Hannah

Leading Water to a Carriage Horse
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A bit of what I'm reading . . .

Polanco almost always begins: Look here, I dreamed that I was on a square and I found a heart on the ground. I picked it up and it was beating, it was a human heart and it was beating, then I took it to a fountain and washed it the best I could because it was covered with leaves and dust, and I went to turn it in to the police station on the Rue de l'Abbaye. That's completely false, Marrast says. You washed it but then you wrapped it disrespectfully in an old newspaper and put it in your jacket pocket. How can he put it in his jacket pocket if he was in his shirtsleeves, Juan says. I was dressed propertly, Polanco says, and I took the heart to the police station and they gave me a receipt, which was the most extraordinary part of the dream. You didn't turn it in, Tell says, we saw you when you went into your place and you were hiding the heart in a closet, the one that has a gold lock. Imagine Polanco with a gold lock, Calac laughs rudely. I took the heart to the station house, Polanco says. Well, Nicole allows, that was most likely the second one, because we all know that you found at least two. Bisbis bisbis, says Feuille Morte. Now that I think about it, Polanco says, I found about twenty. Great God of Israel, I'd forgotten about the second part of the dream. You found them on the Place Maubert, under a heap of garbage, my paredros says, I saw you from the café Les Matelots. And they were all beating, Polanco says with enthusiasm. I found twenty hearts, twenty-one counting the one I'd already taken to the police, and they were all beating like mad. You didn't take it to the police, I saw you when you hid it in the closet. In any case, it was beating, my paredros concedes. Could be, Tell says, the beating doesn't worry me at all. There's nothing like a woman, Marrast says, a heart's beating and all she sees is a gold lock. Don't be a misogynist, my paredros says. The whole city was covered with hearts, Polanco says, I remember quite well, it was terribly strange. And to think that at first I only remembered one heart. You've got to start somewhere, Juan says. And they were all beating, Polanco says. What good did it do them? Tell says.

- from 62: A Model Kit by Julio Cortazar, translated by Gregory Rabassa

To the Person Who Reached This Blog Through the Search "Kelly Link Overrated":


She Worked at Red Lobster but I Didn't Remember

If you love Grover, you should watch this video of his greatest rival delirious with pain. Hilarious, but not safe for those without a tiny bit of the sadist in them. (Via BoingBoing.)

Gingerbread Bergen. While you're on Flickr, check out this elephant migration.

David Moles has some thoughts on characterization.

Apparently I'm just not that much of a gadget geek. Or maybe my standards are too high? I mean, that iPhone is pretty, but until they have a model that holds 80GB of music and doesn't require me to switch to Cingular, no thanks.

Ashleigh Banfield is coming back to TV. Must. Find. Court TV.*

Strange Horizons has a podcast? Just put this address ( into your iTunes, and listen to the sweet dulcet tones of Susan Marie Groppi as she updates you on all sorts of things. Coooool.

Bruce Campbell RULES. Now I have to start wearing Old Spice.

*Occassionally I am shallow. Live with it.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dear Blogger:

You suck.



Monday, January 08, 2007

I Inject Pure Kryptonite Into My Brain, It Improves My Kung Fu and Eases the Pain . . .

Jed discusses the (somewhat murky and suspect) etymology of the term "can of corn." I must admit, I thought everyone knew this term. But then, I am rather myopic when it comes to baseball stuff. Man, do I miss going to games.

Chance sent me a picture of a baby elephant eating a Christmas tree. Chance is my favorite now.

Something I keep meaning to point people at is the Blue Sky Studios blog, where the thing that is done is that a challenge is posted, such as "draw a superhero" or "draw an evil robot" and several amazing artists rise to the occasion with pieces like this or this or this or, well, just go check it out. Blue Sky is an animation company, BTW. Like, the animation company that did "Ice Age"--so the artists are a bit higher caliber than the web at large.

Cat and Girl address the problem of elephant alcoholism.

I'd never have the guts to go so far, but this guy's tattoo is kind of awesome. (NSFW.)

Also, because I have the power of BitTorrent (Bwah-hah-hah-hah!) I have already seen the first two episodes of the new season of "24," and I just want to reiterate what I think we all already knew; Alexander Siddig is a sexy, sexy man.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Teenage Imposters + A Reprint

Teenage Imposters
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Was at the Hideout AKA the best bar in the world last night to see my friend Bran's new band, the Teenage Imposters. Bran's been on a quest for the perfect two-minute pop song for about fifteen years. If he finds it, he might stop playing in cool bands; so if you know where it is, hide it!

Also, found out that my story "The Ichthyomancer Writes His Friend with an Account of the Yeti's Birthday Party" (AKA the story with a title so long that I cut-'n-pasted it rather than type it out) is going to be in the rockin' new Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet anthology, along with a bunch of other lightweights like, oh, Karen Joy Fowler, Karen Russell, Jeffrey Ford, James Sallis, and Nalo Hopkinson. (Also Doug Lain and Geoff Godwin, unless I miss my guess.) If stuff like this keeps happening I might have to get me some class.