Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Sundays Know a Little Somethin' About Sensawunda

It's 4 in the morning July in '69
me and my sister
we crept down like shadows
they're bringing the moon right down to our sitting room
static & silence
& a monochrome vision

they're dancing around
silver puppets silver ground
& the world is watching with joy
we hear a voice from above
& it's history
& we stayed awake
all night

& something is said & the whole room laughs aloud
me & my sister
looking on like shadows
the end of an age as we watched them walk in a glow
lost in space
but I don't know where it is

they're dancing around
slow puppets silver ground
& the stars & stripes in the sand
we hear a voice from above
& it's history
& we stayed awake
all night

they're dancing around
it sends a shiver down my spine
& I run to look in the sky &
I half expect to hear them asking to come down
will they fly or will they fall?
to be excited
by a long late night

- Gavurin/Wheeler

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm Glad I Got My Suit Dry-Cleaned Before the Riot Started

Randomness. Also, am working on answering emails. Wish me luck, as I am far behind.

I can always use a little dating advice. Bill Plympton's is particularly interesting. Also on YouTube, the Ramones cover Tom Waits, and Evil Monkey drinks beer.

OK, regarding this "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" film--am I the only one getting a creepy misogynist vibe from the previews? As in, women can't control their emotions, and powerful women can't control their emotions in really dangerous ways? (See also: Jean Grey, "X-Men 3.") I swear it's not just my Uma-hate. (Or is it? The Uma-hate is strong in this one, it's true.)

At some point this week I will do a reading post, but just for the record my most recently abandoned book was this edition of Lewis and Clark's journals. Possibly it was just bad timing and I'm sure it gets better at some point, but after 50 pages of rain, resupply, record mileage, repeat, I had to put it down.

Still looking for a job. Anyone got one lying around?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Second Hand News

It's time for "Ask a chatbot!" We here at Mumble Herder surveyed ten chatbots. Today's question comes from Lindsey B. of Palo Alto, CA. Lindsey asks:

When times go bad, when times go rough, won't you lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff?

And here are today's responses. They sure are a philosophical bunch!


The past and future are one.


Where do you live when times aren't rough?

Smarter Child:

Interesting! I'm not sure...

Arthur Bot:

The past is history, the future a mystery. Today is a gift,that's why it is called "the present". I don't know when. Does it really matter. Go ahead, Lindsey, try to do your stuff.


Who knows? A thousand things could change by then.

John Lennon:

Somebody phoned me in the middle of the night asking me the same question.


What's so bad about it?


Aren't you required to have a license for that?


Time does not exist.

Joey the Dolphin:

At time t.

That's certainly a lot to think about! Thanks for your question, Lindsey, and thanks to this week's chatbots! Tune in next week for another episode of "Ask a Chatbot!"